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Top 10 Motivational Seminars Benefits

Getting motivated might be difficult. Even harder is to keep your motivation, especially when your road to success has its ups and downs, sudden turns and unexpected challenges. And if your life is a settled routine – steady income, a boring job, same little bar after work – you cannot see the potentials, which lay behind the everyday activities.

Going to a motivational seminar gives you an opportunity to change your life completely. How does it happen? Let us discuss the top-ten benefits that motivational seminars bring.

#1. You meet lots of great like-minded people

Locked in your usual environment you get used to the same community of people, who not always share the same values as you. Going to the motivational seminar you increase the chances to meet people with common interests or views on life. Most the people come to the seminar with the main goal of self-improvement, which already raises them above the crowd and makes them great.

#2. You get inspired

When the speakers share their stories of failures and victories, they set you an example of strong and motivated personalities, eager to take their chances in life. Listening to their stories you can make a conclusion about your own life and enlight your monotonous day-to-day routine with a new beginning.

#3. You rejuvenate yourself

You may be among those highly motivated people following your very successful road. However, anyone needs some fuel on the road, so meeting new interesting people and listening to inspiring experiences can help you to rejuvenate yourself and find your passion and purpose.

#4. You identify the challenges

Facing your problem is half a problem solved. The motivational seminars force you to find the deep core of your challenges and accept them. This is the only way to overcome the problem and start winning.

#5. You see the opportunities that lie ahead

Broadening your horizons you will start seeing much more than you used to. Take a deep breath and have a look at the perspective. The whole atmosphere of the motivational seminar will help you to see the opportunities you haven’t noticed before.

#6. You seek practical advice from the expert

Motivational seminars are not only about theoretical speeches. Many motivational speakers give also practical pieces of advice that you can follow right away. You can always choose the seminar of the speaker with the same field of interest that you have. Learning from somebody’s mistakes is always better than to break your own bones.

#7. You will learn to value your time and effort

Have you ever thought why people get a different amount of money out of the same kind of work? Or why some people have fascinating jobs they love and receive much more than people with a routine and boring occupation? Motivational seminars will help you to schedule your life properly and to set up your priorities.

#8. You will think outside the box

Motivational seminars may change your general view on life and you will concentrate on things which are truly important. Moreover, the impossible things will look achievable!

#9. You will become a better person

All motivational seminars stress the importance of self-development. What if this constant improvement of yourself is the real goal of the humanity?

#10. You will have a great time!

At the seminar, you would have a great time with other attendees. You would learn, grow and laugh and possibly make many meaningful relationships.

Personal development for happy life

Why Personal Development Is a Must For a Happy Life

What is happiness? If you ask this question a child and a CEO of the leading international cooperation, you may get similar answers, as happiness is not measured in money, fame or property. The key factor of the happy life is an ability to enjoy it. But you cannot be a kid your whole life, as eventually, you will have to grow up. But how to grow up, run own business, start a family and still enjoy life as a kid? The very first tool for a happy life is personal development.

What Is Personal Development?

A conscious desire for personal growth, raising of self-awareness, knowledge development and personal skills improvement is called personal development. Throughout your whole life, you should constantly work with your body, mind, and spirit, creating a
self-realized human out of yourself.

Leading a conscious life with specific personal goals will help you to realize your potential on a full scale. And this is what makes people happy – a feeling of being complete and a never ending work for better self.

Personal Development Seminars

One of the best way to study self-improvement is by attendting seminars. The best seminar can be found on our website

Starting Your Personal Development Path

If there is a basic motivation for self-improvement, you are on the right way to start your personal development. Ask yourself, what brought you to the thought of personal development – is it a search for the growth or desperation? Either way, you made a right decision to change your life and become happier by the means of personal growth, but are you ready to go through all the steps to reach your goal?

First Things First: Accept Yourself

Look at your life from another angle, try to be objective and accept the situation in which you are now. It can be painful, as many unhappy areas of our lives are covered with excuses and ‘reasonable’ explanations. However, it is not possible to start growing if you close your eyes on your fears and weakness. There are a few questions to help you in:

● Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
● Do you consider yourself a winner or a victim?
● Can you control yourself?
● Are you self-confident?
● What is a success to you, and are you successful?
● What is happiness, and are you happy?

Find the truth about yourself and move to the next step.

Make the Unconscious Conscious and Take Responsibility for Your Choice

Many things in our mind – true desires, antipathies, and dislikes – remain unconscious. You can make this unconscious conscious gradually recognizing the need of change, e.g. a deficit of skill or a bad habit. The next step after realizing own needs is to take the responsibility for the choice you make. You are also responsible for your dreams and imitation that you set in your head. When you make a plan of personal growth, you take a responsibility to stick to your plan.

A happy life is a complete and fulfilled life. When a kid grows up the demands become higher. In order to stay happy, you constantly have to work on your personal development, realizing your needs, taking responsibility and fulfilling your goals.

Find Your Passion and Ultimate Vision

7 Tips To Find Your Passion and Ultimate Vision For Your Life

Passion is a highly overused word.  Normally attributed to intimacy and physical relationships wherein the emotion is extreme and would seemingly be beyond control, it is also used to describe a certain action, goal or disposition, as in “I’m passionate about helping others;” or “I’m passionate about singing.”  Try to use that amount of emotion in determining the purpose of your life, would you be successful?

A person goes through stages that determine his or her purpose.  It may depend on age, on cognitive development or perhaps, on life experiences.  If this is recognized at an early age and sought with passion, the success rate would also be higher. If you really want to find your ultimate vision and purpose in life, Date With Destiny event can help you. Anyway, here are some tips you might find helpful.

Finding your passion and purpose in life:

Accept that there are no numbers

Some people believe that they can only be good at one thing and they put everything on the line for that one thing to show that they are passionate about doing it.  Your purpose in life comes in one ultimate goal but it does not mean you cannot dream about anything else.  If you’re devoted and passionate about this goal then it should allow you to grow and let you discover dreams.  Some do it in reverse – they discover their dreams, reach it and discover the purpose of their lives.  There are no numbers involved.  Never restrain yourself.  It is human nature to grow.


Testing does not happen while planning or thinking about what is your purpose or what are your dreams.  Try things out and set things in motion.  Enjoy the journey to discovering your talent and learn from your experiences.  No one is stopping you but you.


Life has a weird way of showing you what you need to do until you’ve done it.  Assess your experiences and detect similarities or patterns.  Ask yourself:   What makes you happy?  What makes you fulfilled?  What makes you a better person?  What are you good at?  What are your talents?  What are your skills?  Use the answer to these questions to determine what you are passionate about and what is your purpose in life.

Have a new perspective on Fear and Sacrifice

Find Your Passion and Ultimate VisionFear is subjective.  It does not exist unless you give it power over your life.  The good thing about fear is it is experience-based and is likely the reason why you haven’t considered experimenting, assessing your purpose or pursuing your dreams.  Try to put fear and passion side-by-side, what emotion will you use to improve your life?  Look into what you are afraid of and ask yourself, are you willing to sacrifice your fear in order to see if you can do it?  Are you willing to expose yourself to potential risks?  Remember that nothing in life is fixed and risk-free.  Face the fear and see that knowledge of its existence also means knowledge that you can overcome it.  As Tony Robbins, a famous life coach, author, and speaker teaches: conquer your fear, convert it into energy and release your inner power.

Ask What if questions

A good way to assess what you are passionate about or what is your purpose is asking future-based questions::

What if you are going to be stripped off your talents today but are allowed to keep one to sustain your livelihood, what will you pick?

If you’re a talent scout now, what talents would you easily be able to pick out?

If you’ll have the chance to talk to your 7-year old self about his dreams, what are you going to be sorry about?

The answers to these questions will help determine what you think you are good at and can allow you to recognize what you are passionate about/purpose in life.

It is human nature to stop and rest.  Give yourself time to adjust and assess if what you’re doing is what you’d like to do.  Use this time to assess what more you can to improve yourself or your life.  Take a moment to see what is your purpose and what are your dreams, if it’s still aligned and if you are happy.

Have Faith

It is called the purpose in life because it is ongoing, it is not yet complete but you believe that you can do it.  Have the confidence and remind yourself of what you are capable of.  Remember what you have accomplished or, visualize what you will accomplish.  Keep the faith alive and the passion burning to achieve it.

Tony Robbins lessons

6 Lessons I Learned from Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is one of the most notable influencers in the world and that is because of his infomercial and self-help books that tackle the importance of personal development. These books truly inspire and make you feel determined. If you have been to any of Tony Robbins’ events, you will find yourself getting motivated along with other participants.

You will also find yourself learning and realizing a lot of things which include the following:

1. Where focus goes, energy flows.

Tony explained how focus matters. According to him, it is important to make your goals, wants, and desires the center of your attention, because where you focus on feels real to you. If you learn to focus on the really important tasks that will have the huge impact on achieving your goals and happiness in life, then you are doing quite well. Remember that there are only three things you have control over and they include: the things that you focus on, the meaning you give to them, and the things that you do in order to achieve them. Learn to take control of your focus and head on to the right direction.

2. Your relationship with your parents is the seed of everything.

If you have a good and healthy relationship with your parents, then you certainly have a good view of the world. In almost every situation, parents have a significant contribution to their children’s view of the world. If you grow up with parents who are conservative in some aspects, then you might be a conservative person, as well. When you challenge your parents’ views, however, you might experience some changes that may create a conflict not just between you and your parents but also with yourself.

3. You have to remember the past before you can move on.

There are things in the past that keep on holding us back, and those things prevent us from moving forward. Tony said that to be able to move on, you have to visit your past that carries a lot of questions, uncertainties, and pain. If you can do this, then you can find out why it happened and you can make new decisions in order to make new beginnings.

4. Deliver maximum value.

Tonny advised that to be able to become incredibly successful in whatever you do, you have to give your best. Your everything. Not just a tiny amount of effort. He said that if you give more than you get, then you can be ten times more successful. Doing this will not only benefit you but it will also inspire the people around you and win the plaudits of others.

5. Take very good care of your body.

According to Tony, how you feel physically affects your mental attitude and your way of thinking. It also affects your decision-making. When you drink alcohol, smoke, and practice an unhealthy lifestyle, then you might make some bad decisions that you’ll regret in the future. However, if you have a healthy body, you will also have a healthy mind. He advised that you should eat less meat, avoid caffeine, choose to eat nutritious foods instead, and exercise more often. These things could strengthen your mental ability.

6. Read a lot.

Tony Robbins proves that reading could really gain you knowledge. According to him, he practiced speed-reading and he used to aim to read at least one book per day. Now look at him. So much knowledge radiates in him. If you read a lot, you’ll definitely learn a lot of things—even the things that you didn’t wish to learn but find helpful when you need them.

*article submitted by a fan

Things to Do in Gold Coast Australia

8 Things to Do in Gold Coast Australia

Australia has a lot of notable destinations to look forward to, so if you are someone who loves to explore different places with exciting spots, look no further. This country has it all. The Gold Coast, one of Australia’s gems, is located in the southern area of Brisbane. It is a region you don’t want to miss.

What To Do in Gold Coast

There are a lot of things that you can do in this magnificent place and these include:

#1. Check Upcoming Events

There are many great upcoming events and seminars in Gold Coast that you must check them out. Almost every week there is something that you would be able to attend. Check the local communities for more updates on this.

#2. Swim and surf at Surfer’s Paradise Beach

If water sports are your thing, then you better not miss Surfer’s Paradise. This sporty beach is located within the local government area of City of Gold Coast in Queensland. The fun and excitement you’d get to experience is a must because in this place, you’re not only in for surfing and swimming but you’d also get to enjoy eating at great restaurants, shop at markets, and hang out at bars with your friends and family.

#3. Take a rainforest tour at Gold Coast Lamington National Park

Isn’t it refreshing when you are one with nature? In Gold Coast Lamington National Park, you’d get to experience an exciting rainforest escapade. It is one of the best national parks in Australia that is sitting on the Lamington Plateau of the McPherson Range in Australia’s Queensland/New South Wales border. Have a guided tour all over the place, enjoy a relaxing view while you are sipping your morning tea, and embrace the country’s native wildlife. You can even swim at rock pools and streams here.

#4. Visit Goomoolahra Falls

When you visit this place, you’d know why it’s amazing. It is enriched with natural sceneries that are worthy to become your backdrop if you want to spend time with your family and have a picnic perhaps. You don’t want to miss the lovely cascading waterfalls that will awe you from head to toe. Otherwise known as The Bilbrough Falls, this beautiful spot is situated within the Springbrook National Park in the South East region of Queensland.

#5. Go Paradise Jet Boating at Main Beach

Do you love epic adventure that involves jet boating? This tourist spot is for you. At Main Beach, you’d get to have an experience of a lifetime. A 55-minute jet boat ride on the Gold Coast will make your stay here worthwhile. Plus, you’ll find yourself screaming with thrill and excitement as you will experience nerve-wracking 36—degree spins and powerslides while you are riding the jet.

#6. Enjoy a romantic 2-hour Kayaking excursion from Broadbeach

Ideal for couples and sweethearts, you’ll be amazed by the romantic sunset that a 2-hour kayaking from Broadbeach will offer you. The cruise will take you to relaxing and scenic waterways of the beach canals. Here, you’ll find out more about the region as you will be introduced to historic places and notable sites that you’ll pass by.

#7. Fly via Seaplane and enjoy the Gold Coast view

This is probably one of the most extravagant and luxurious things that you should indulge while staying in this lovely region. It may be a bit expensive, but the experience is priceless. While riding on a seaplane, you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy the fantastic aerial view of the Gold Coast. What’s more amazing is that you’ll also experience the warm hospitality from the locals. Take your sweetheart with you because this activity is also a great romantic getaway for couples.

#8. Have a Relaxing time at Macintosh Island Park

Great for family outings, Macintosh Island Park won’t give you the hard time to love it. One of the best tourist destinations in the region, this area is wide, clean, and charming. It has a lot of picnic tables so it’s easy to find a good spot for you and your family. Things you’re going to see here are plenty of animals of different types such as ducks, birds, peacocks, and everything else. This destination is also ideal if you have kids with you since the place also offers playgrounds for them to enjoy.