Personal development for happy life

What is happiness? If you ask this question a child and a CEO of the leading international cooperation, you may get similar answers, as happiness is not measured in money, fame or property. The key factor of the happy life is an ability to enjoy it. But you cannot be a kid your whole life, as eventually, you will have to grow up. But how to grow up, run own business, start a family and still enjoy life as a kid? The very first tool for a happy life is personal development.

What Is Personal Development?

A conscious desire for personal growth, raising of self-awareness, knowledge development and personal skills improvement is called personal development. Throughout your whole life, you should constantly work with your body, mind, and spirit, creating a
self-realized human out of yourself.

Leading a conscious life with specific personal goals will help you to realize your potential on a full scale. And this is what makes people happy – a feeling of being complete and a never ending work for better self.

Personal Development Seminars

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Starting Your Personal Development Path

If there is a basic motivation for self-improvement, you are on the right way to start your personal development. Ask yourself, what brought you to the thought of personal development – is it a search for the growth or desperation? Either way, you made a right decision to change your life and become happier by the means of personal growth, but are you ready to go through all the steps to reach your goal?

First Things First: Accept Yourself

Look at your life from another angle, try to be objective and accept the situation in which you are now. It can be painful, as many unhappy areas of our lives are covered with excuses and ‘reasonable’ explanations. However, it is not possible to start growing if you close your eyes on your fears and weakness. There are a few questions to help you in:

● Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
● Do you consider yourself a winner or a victim?
● Can you control yourself?
● Are you self-confident?
● What is a success to you, and are you successful?
● What is happiness, and are you happy?

Find the truth about yourself and move to the next step.

Make the Unconscious Conscious and Take Responsibility for Your Choice

Many things in our mind – true desires, antipathies, and dislikes – remain unconscious. You can make this unconscious conscious gradually recognizing the need of change, e.g. a deficit of skill or a bad habit. The next step after realizing own needs is to take the responsibility for the choice you make. You are also responsible for your dreams and imitation that you set in your head. When you make a plan of personal growth, you take a responsibility to stick to your plan.

A happy life is a complete and fulfilled life. When a kid grows up the demands become higher. In order to stay happy, you constantly have to work on your personal development, realizing your needs, taking responsibility and fulfilling your goals.