Find Your Passion and Ultimate Vision

Passion is a highly overused word.  Normally attributed to intimacy and physical relationships wherein the emotion is extreme and would seemingly be beyond control, it is also used to describe a certain action, goal or disposition, as in “I’m passionate about helping others;” or “I’m passionate about singing.”  Try to use that amount of emotion in determining the purpose of your life, would you be successful?

A person goes through stages that determine his or her purpose.  It may depend on age, on cognitive development or perhaps, on life experiences.  If this is recognized at an early age and sought with passion, the success rate would also be higher. If you really want to find your ultimate vision and purpose in life, Date With Destiny event can help you. Anyway, here are some tips you might find helpful.

Finding your passion and purpose in life:

Accept that there are no numbers

Some people believe that they can only be good at one thing and they put everything on the line for that one thing to show that they are passionate about doing it.  Your purpose in life comes in one ultimate goal but it does not mean you cannot dream about anything else.  If you’re devoted and passionate about this goal then it should allow you to grow and let you discover dreams.  Some do it in reverse – they discover their dreams, reach it and discover the purpose of their lives.  There are no numbers involved.  Never restrain yourself.  It is human nature to grow.


Testing does not happen while planning or thinking about what is your purpose or what are your dreams.  Try things out and set things in motion.  Enjoy the journey to discovering your talent and learn from your experiences.  No one is stopping you but you.


Life has a weird way of showing you what you need to do until you’ve done it.  Assess your experiences and detect similarities or patterns.  Ask yourself:   What makes you happy?  What makes you fulfilled?  What makes you a better person?  What are you good at?  What are your talents?  What are your skills?  Use the answer to these questions to determine what you are passionate about and what is your purpose in life.

Have a new perspective on Fear and Sacrifice

Find Your Passion and Ultimate VisionFear is subjective.  It does not exist unless you give it power over your life.  The good thing about fear is it is experience-based and is likely the reason why you haven’t considered experimenting, assessing your purpose or pursuing your dreams.  Try to put fear and passion side-by-side, what emotion will you use to improve your life?  Look into what you are afraid of and ask yourself, are you willing to sacrifice your fear in order to see if you can do it?  Are you willing to expose yourself to potential risks?  Remember that nothing in life is fixed and risk-free.  Face the fear and see that knowledge of its existence also means knowledge that you can overcome it.  As Tony Robbins, a famous life coach, author, and speaker teaches: conquer your fear, convert it into energy and release your inner power.

Ask What if questions

A good way to assess what you are passionate about or what is your purpose is asking future-based questions::

What if you are going to be stripped off your talents today but are allowed to keep one to sustain your livelihood, what will you pick?

If you’re a talent scout now, what talents would you easily be able to pick out?

If you’ll have the chance to talk to your 7-year old self about his dreams, what are you going to be sorry about?

The answers to these questions will help determine what you think you are good at and can allow you to recognize what you are passionate about/purpose in life.

It is human nature to stop and rest.  Give yourself time to adjust and assess if what you’re doing is what you’d like to do.  Use this time to assess what more you can to improve yourself or your life.  Take a moment to see what is your purpose and what are your dreams, if it’s still aligned and if you are happy.

Have Faith

It is called the purpose in life because it is ongoing, it is not yet complete but you believe that you can do it.  Have the confidence and remind yourself of what you are capable of.  Remember what you have accomplished or, visualize what you will accomplish.  Keep the faith alive and the passion burning to achieve it.